Volume 25 No. 6 November/December 2005

Bristlecone Chapter
Dedicated to the Preservation of the California Native Flora



Volume 25 No. 6 November/December 2005


Next Chapter Meeting

On Wednesday, November 16, we will hold our annual Potluck and Slide Show at White Mountain Research Station in Bishop. The potluck set-up will begin at 6:00 with dinner at 6:30 pm. Please bring your own table setting, a dish to share, and slides or digital images on CD of plants and/or adventures during the past year. Please limit your slides or images to 15.

Next Board Meeting

The Bristlecone Chapter Board will meet on Wednesday, November 9th, at 7:00 pm at the U.S. Forest Service Conference Room, 351 Pacu Lane in Bishop. Everyone is welcome.


Now that our 2005 field trips have been led, progams conducted, grants given, our Garden tended, our conservation efforts made, it's time for a little celebration. I hope you will join us at our Annual Potluck to eat together and enjoy members' slides and images from flower trips in our area and beyond. Please note that we are changing our location from Big Pine to the White Mountain Research Station in Bishop for the convenience of most of our members.

At our September Board planning meeting one of the goals we identified for our chapter in the year ahead is to be inclusive. We will continue to plan a variety of field trips so there is something for everyone. What kind of field trip is appealing to you? We'd like to offer programs that you'll want to come out to on a Wednesday night. What would that be? You can help us by letting us know what you are looking for in field trips and programs. Jerry Zatorski is leading our field trip planning and Sue Weis is arranging our programs. Their numbers are on the back of this newsletter. Jerry, Sue or I would welcome an email or a call. Or, better yet, let's talk at the Potluck!

.. . . . . . .Sherry1 Taylor


A Mulholland Christmas Carol

The award winning musical satire "A Mulholland Christmas Carol" by Bill Robens is coming to Lone Pine and Bishop! You won't want to miss it. Brought to the area by the Owens Valley Committee, this professional production is based on the water history of the Owens Valley. It's funny, light-hearted and even has a happy ending.

Adults: $15.00

Students and Seniors: $10.00.

November 19 -4:00 PM - Lone Pine High School Auditorium (tickets available at the OVC Visitors Center, Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce, and La Florista)

November 20 -4:00 PM -Bishop High School Auditorium (tickets available at Inyo Council for the Arts, Wilson's Eastside Sports, Spellbinder Books in Bishop and the Booky Joint in Mammoth )

For more information, call the Owens Valley Committee at 760-264-9689.

Nominations for 2006 Bristlecone Chapter Officers

The nominating committee is pleased to propose the following slate for 2006 chapter officers:

President: Sherry1 Taylor

Vice President: Sue Weis

Treasurer: Rosanne Higley

Secretary: Denise Waterbury

The floor will be open for any additional nominations at the November 16 general meeting (and potluck). Voting will follow. New terms begin January 1.

All nominees are incumbents who are willing to serve another term! Thank you to everyone who volunteers and helps us carry out our diverse and interesting activities.

The Nominating Commitee

(Sally Manning and Daniel Pritchett)

Bristlecone Chapter Mary DeDecker Botanical Grant Program - 2006

The Bristlecone Chapter of the California Native Plant Society is pleased to request applications for its small grants program in memory of renowned local botanist, Mary DeDecker. We believe this program is a fitting way to remember Mary's many contributions to the people and plants of the eastern Sierra. The program will award up to two grants of not more than $500 each.

The purpose of these grants is to facilitate research and projects that increase the understanding and appreciation of our region's native flora and ecosystems. There are a wide range of appropriate possible subjects for funding, from basic taxonomic or ecological research to a school garden featuring native plants and their pollinators. The only requirement is that the project be relevant to the native plants of the northern Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada, and Great Basin portions of eastern California.

Criteria and Procedures

Written proposals are to be submitted to the Bristlecone Chapter Funding Committee. Proposals are limited to two pages in length. Each proposal should contain a title, objectives, methods, expected final product, a brief statement of applicant's qualifications and how Bristlecone Chapter funds will be used. If applicant is a student an accompanying letter from their advisor would be welcome. Inclusion of an e-mail address will facilitate notification. Deadline is December 9, 2005.

Costs covered by these grants include supplies, travel, lodging, meals, services such as computer time, graphics, phone, copying, and film and processing. Non-eligible costs include wages, typing, and costs unrelated to the project.

Applicants will be notifed by January 27, 2006. All applicants will be notified of the committee's decisions. The committee may decide not to fund a grant in any given year.

A progress report explaining how Bristlecone Chapter funds were used will be due on completion of use of funds. Applicants are encouraged to either give a presentation of their research at a Bristlecone Chapter evening meeting or write a brief explanation of their research for inclusion in the Bristlecone Chapter newsletter.

Send proposals or requests for information to: California Native Plant Society, Bristlecone Chapter

C/O Edyth Irvine
P. 0.BOX 100 -PMB 193
1934 Meridian Blvd.
Mammoth Lakes CA. 93546
(760) 924-5778
Inquiries only: resOiuim@verizon.net

Establishment of Bristlecone Sub-chapter

WOW, this Chapter covers a big geographic area. And that means that those of us who live in the southern end of the territory often miss out on the wonderful programs and outings that happen in the Bishop and Mammoth Lakes environs. So we are going to try to organize a southerly sub-chapter. Our first get-acquainted/planning meeting will be on Nov. 2, 2005 at 7:30 pm. It will be held at Botany's Desire Boutique (229 N. Balsam St., Ridgecrest). Sandra Thebaud has graciously offered us the use of her classroom for the evening. Invitations went out to all Chapter members who reside fiom Lone Pine south.

We will be considering the possibility of having activities here in the more desert-y part of the Chapter, possibly on a quarterly basis. We already have several BLM projects that need our plant expertise. And Chapter President, Sherry1 Taylor, has let us know of several others that have come her way.

If you are interested in attending or finding what we decide, please contact Kathy LaShure at desert_encelia@verizon.net or 760-377-4541.


DWP redefines "conservation"

On October 4, 2005, the scoping period ended for DWP's latest assault on the Inyo-LA Long Term Water Agreement. The assault is entitled "Sprinkler irrigation conservation incentive program." I wrote numerous comments on behalf of the Bristlecone Chapter.

In its Initial Environmental Study the project is described as a "conservation project" whose "main effect" is "conservation." DWP, however, has a curious definition of "conservation." The project's stated objective is "to increase the amount of water available to the City of Los Angeles from the Los Angeles Aqueduct." The increased volume of water will come from voluntary reductions in use of irrigation water by Owens Valley ranchers. Ranchers will receive payment for their reduced water use in the form of reductions in rent. Anywhere else in the west, this would be described as a water marketing project. Conservation has nothing to do with it because nothing is conserved - water currently used by Owens Valley ranchers will, instead, be used by Angelenos. If this is a conservation project, DWP must be the foremost conservation organization in the world!

The real conservation issue here is the potential impact to the numerous species dependent on irrigation tailwater and ditch flows which will be curtailed if the proposed project in implemented. In other word, kiss those big old cottonwood and willow trees in the affected leases goodbye!

The attempt to characterize this as a conservation project is a good example of how a supposedly disinterested environmental review document can be turned into an advocacy document. Unfortunately, this occurs all too often. A full Environmental Impact Report will be produced for the project, presumably by the same firm (MWH) which created the Initial Environmental Study.

. . . . . ...Daniel Pritchett

Editor's note:

Daniel Pritchett will be the speaker at the Brist1econe Chapter's January meeting at the White Mountain Research Station in Bishop, 7 pm on Wednesday January 25, 2006. Daniel will update us on how Owens Valley has fared under the Inyo/LA Water Agreement. Please join us for this informative presentation. Watch the January newsletter for program details.

New Members

The Bristlecone Chapter warmly welcomes the following new members!

Bill Helmer, Independence CA
Joanne Parsons, Bishop CA
Gloria Worman, Oceanside CA
Donelle (Dee) Messih, Bishop CA

Next Newsletter Deadline: December 28th.