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Bristlecone Chapter Board Members
Position Name Phone Email
Position Name Phone Email
President Katie Quinlan 760-873-8023
Vice-President Michèle Slaton 760-258-1464
Treasurer / Bookkeeper Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Secretary OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!
Other Board Members, Committee Chairs and Volunteers
Chapter Council Delegate Stephen Ingram 760-937-9918
Conservation Chair OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!
Membership Elaine Chow
Webmaster Maggie Riley - we are looking for a new webmaster - interested? Maggie will train... Contact Maggie or any board member!
Field Trips Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Programs Michèle Slaton 760-709-2212
Newsletter Editor Elaine Chow
Publicity Karen Ferrell-Ingram 703-862-4395
DeDecker Grant Program Michèle Slaton 760-258-1464
Book Sales Sue Weis 760-937-2595
T-Shirt Sales Stephen Ingram
Plant Sale Coordinator - Bishop Katie Quinlan 760-873-8023
Plant Sale Coordinator - Mammoth Sherry Taylor 760-934-2338
DeDecker Garden Steve Dickinson 951-897-5286
Bishop Community Garden Native Plot Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Rare Plant Coordinator OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!    
Plant Communities OPEN    
Invasive Weeds Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Historian Kathy Duvall 760-387-2122
Education OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!