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The Bristlecone Chapter is run by an all-volunteer board. What we are able to do depends on the time and energy of these people - some of the "empty" positions below were filled because someone did that job for a long time. We are required by our operating guidelines to have the "officers" positions filled, but the various "other" positions are created by enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, to whom we are extremely grateful. If you are interested in contributing your time and energy to the Bristlecone Chapter, please contact any board member below, or attend a board meeting (see events) to find out more!

Bristlecone Chapter Board Members
Position Name Phone Email
Position Name Phone Email
President Katie Quinlan 760-873-8023
Vice-President Michèle Slaton 760-258-1464
Treasurer / Bookkeeper Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Secretary Kathleen Nelson
Other Board Members, Committee Chairs and Volunteers
Chapter Council Delegate Stephen Ingram 760-937-9918
Conservation Chair OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!
Membership Elaine Chow
Webmaster Maggie Riley
Field Trips Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Programs Michèle Slaton 760-709-2212
Newsletter Editor Elaine Chow
Publicity OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!  
DeDecker Grant Program Michèle Slaton 760-258-1464
Book Sales Sue Weis 760-937-2595
T-Shirt Sales Stephen Ingram
Plant Sale Coordinator - Bishop Katie Quinlan 760-873-8023
Plant Sale Coordinator - Mammoth    
DeDecker Garden Peter Anderson 760-920-0989 (none)
Bishop Community Garden Native Plot Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Rare Plant Coordinator OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!    
Plant Communities OPEN    
Invasive Weeds Sue Weis 760-937-2595
Historian OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!    
Education OPEN - interested? Contact any board member!