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Rare plant treasure hunters at Osa Meadows

You Won't Find Plants by Looking Up!
Award-winning photo by Rich LaShure

Calendar of Events

Please Check Our Facebook Page for updates - we are in the process of changing over to a new WordPress website and this site may not be up to date. See for the lastest!

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General Chapter Meetings and Presentations, Chapter Field Trips, Annual Chapter Events, Creosote Ring Subchapter Events, and other, non-CNPS events which may be of interest to our members are posted here, organized by date. For board meetings, click here.

CNPS Event Official CNPS Events and those of special interest to plant-lovers!

Upcoming Events:

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All events are subject to change - please check back here often for updates, additions, cancellations, etc. For trips involving traveling any distance to meet, it's also a good idea to check with the trip leader the day before to make sure nothing has changed.


CNPS Event September 20 Changed to October 4, Wednesday, 6pm: Bristlecone Chapter Board Meeting (online)

All members are welcome to join. Contact our Secretary, Kathleen Nelson, at for the Zoom link.

CNPS Event September 23, Saturday, 9 am: CNPS Bristlecone Chapter Plot, Bishop Community Demonstration Garden in Bishop City Park, 688 N. Main St.

Join Sue Weis on the third Saturday of each month, starting at 9:00 am, to work in our plot of native plants. Workdays will be canceled if raining. If you plan to help out, do contact Sue beforehand.

CNPS EventUPDATE - EVENT CANCELED - will be rescheduled - check back to see when. Wednesday, September 27, 7 pm: General Meeting with Program by DeDecker grant recipient Kimberly Schaefer: A Vascular Flora of the Sacatar Trail Wilderness, Bristlecone Chapter Event - HYBRID in-person at White Mountain Research Center, 3000 E. Line St., Bishop

Kimberly Schaefer, California Botanic Garden Master's student and DeDecker Grant Recipient, received a DeDecker Grant in 2022 to study the flora in the Sacatar Trail Wilderness in the Southeast Sierra Nevada Mountains. She refers to this area as a “botany blackhole” because of the dearth of floristic data and the fact that most of the plant collections from the region were sampled in the 1960s. She is excited to share her findings comparing preliminary data collected in 2022 and 2023, especially because of the large difference in precipitation between the two years.

hopes that her current and future research will shed light on the effects of climate change on plant distribution and help to inform habitat conservation efforts.

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CNPS Event October 15: November-December Bristlecone Chapter Newsletter Deadline

Today is the deadline for submissions for the November-December Bristlecone Chapter Newsletter to our Newsletter Editor, Elaine Chow, at Contact Elaine with any questions.

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Being Planned:

Check the CNPS state website at for 2023 workshops or to sign up to get their announcements.

In the past, the Bristlecone Chapter has hosted two events on alternate years – a Spring or Summer Sojourn and the Bristlecone Chapter Banquet. We haven't held these in a number of years, but they could be revived if there are more volunteers and interest! In 2013 we held a Spring Sojourn in Big Pine. The Sojourn is a weekend of field trips, evening programs and visiting. In 2009 it was held in July at the Crooked Creek Facility in the White Mountains. In 2011 and 2012 we did not hold a special event due to lack of available volunteers. The 2010 Banquet was held in July at the Crowley Lake Community Center. In order to continue hosting these events, we need volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering to help organize events or to lead a trip, contact any board member!

Look for future events here, including field trips, meetings, future Spring or Summer Sojourns (weekends of field trips), Banquets, Native Plant Sales, Conferences and other events of interest to botanically minded folks.

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About Bristlecone Chapter Events

Bristlecone Chapter Field Trips:

Every year the Bristlecone Chapter plans a variety of excursions to interesting and floriferous places. Our trips usually begin in late March to points in the low desert of our region, such as Death Valley or the Mojave Desert, where the flower display begins in early spring. We generally follow the flowers up in elevation as spring and summer progress, ending our quest for blooms in the highest regions of our awesome surrounding mountains in mid-summer. Our explorations usually finish with an appreciation of fall colors displayed in the extensive aspen groves found in the Eastern Sierra. We also schedule seed collecting or cleaning trips and work parties at the Mary DeDecker Native Plant Garden in Independence.

Everyone is welcome on our field trips, whether or not you are a member of CNPS, and whether or not you know a turnip from a scarlet monkeyflower!

Please keep in mind that all events, especially field trips which rely on outdoor conditions, are subject to change. Check back here often for updates, additions, cancellations, etc. Also, especially for events requiring travel, consider contacting the trip leader the day before the trip to confirm.

Field Trip Policies

Event Photos

See photos of previous field trips and events in our scrapbook, and more recent event photos may be found on our Facebook Page

Annual Bristlecone Chapter Events:

The Bristlecone Chapter hosts two events on alternate years – a Sierra Spring or Summer Sojourn, and the Bristlecone Chapter Banquet. Whether we hold these special events or not in a given year depends on how many dedicated volunteers step up to organize and help make them happen. If you are interested in volunteering to help us put on one of these events, or for any other reason, contact any board member!Our chapter members are encouraged to attend both events. The public is also welcome.

The Sojourn is a weekend of field trips, evening programs and visiting. In 2013 it was held at the end of May at the Sierra Adventure Center at Bernasconi Ranch located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains west of Big Pine at an elevation of about 5000 feet. In 2009 it was held in July at the Crooked Creek Facility in the White Mountains. Watch the newsletters and events page for when the next event is planned!

Also don't miss our Annual Native Plant Sales!

General Bristlecone Chapter Meetings and Presentations:

Membership meetings include brief discussion of chapter business, followed by a presentation by a guest speaker. Presentations are geared to appeal to persons of a wide range of knowledge of native plants, from beginners to professional botanists. The November meeting each year is a pot luck, often with a members’ slide show in lieu of a speaker.

Unless otherwise announced, General Chapter Meetings will be at the White Mountain Research Station (3000 E. Line St. Bishop).

Board Meetings

Board Meeting locations will be announced on this site and via email before each meeting, and have been held at the USFS/BLM Conference Room (351 Pacu Lane, Bishop), the ESICE office (2nd and Pine, Bishop), the Friends of the Inyo offices (819 North Barlow, Bishop), or board member's homes in the past. For information on our southern sub-chapter meetings, see the Creosote Ring Sub-Chapter page.

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