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General Meetings and Presentations

Julie Fontaine will present The Wonder Down Under! Soil Ecology and its Influence on Plant Succession, Habitat Restoration, and Your Garden

March 2017 Program

CNPS Event March 29, 2017, Wednesday, 7pm: Julie Fontaine will present "The Wonder Down Under! Soil Ecology and its Influence on Plant Succession, Habitat Restoration, and Your Garden"
Location: White Mountain Research Center, Bishop.

Habitat restoration ecologist, Julie Fontaine, will explore the nuances of soil ecology and its influence on plant succession, and the restoration of native habitats. The right foundation improves the survival of new plantings, reduces invasive weeds, and enables plants to adapt to the environment faster, resulting in better habitat restoration success. Translating this information to a pollinator garden, or even edible plantings, Julie will provide soils-based applications and tips that will help any garden or native area flourish.

Julie has been living in Mammoth Lakes for over 10 years. She is a professional environmental consultant in the fields of soil science, habitat restoration and regulatory permitting. She holds a Master’s Degree in Soil Science with a focus on Habitat Restoration. Julie’s passions lie in helping people take care of their land, whether it is for improving plant productivity on a farm, or restoring habitat. Recently she has been retained to assist in providing cutting edge soils-based solutions to manage the devastating impacts of the Polyshothole Borer on riparian habitat in Southern California. In addition, she also runs Positively, a blog focusing on sustainable living.

For further information contact Michèle Slaton.

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Bristlecone Chapter Board Meetings:

CNPS Event March 22, Wednesday, 6pm: CNPS Bristlecone Chapter Board Meeting

Pizza Factory, 970 N. Main St., Bishop. Join us at 5:30 PM for dinner. All members are welcome.

For information on our southern sub-chapter meetings, see the Creosote Ring page.

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