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Native Plant Sales

Plant Sale Information

The CNPS Bristlecone Chapter holds native plant sales every year in the Bishop and Mammoth areas.

Happy Customer at the 2012 Native Plant Sale

Another happy plant sale customer!

Bishop Native Plant Sale

The 2017 Sale is done, but we still have plants! Here is an updated post-sale plant list (updated 9/24/17) - please contact Katie Quinlan at to arrange to meet and purchase any of these.

CNPS Event 2017 August 26, Saturday, 9-11am, CNPS Native Plant Sale - Bishop, White Mountain Research Station

This is the largest native plant sale of the year, and this year, we can accept credit cards! A wonderful array of native plants is offered every year.  A variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees adapted to our area will be for sale. Here's an updated plant list showing what and how many of each plant will be available at the sale, as of 7/7/2017. This list will continue be updated up until the sale. Also see our sortable database of species that have been available at our plant sales for ideas of what to expect. New plants this year are Penstemon rostriflorus (scarlet penstemon) and Eriastrum densifolium (heavenly blue). I didn't have any luck germinating Eriogonum fasciculatum or E. umbulatum so there won't be any of those at the sale.

Julie Fontaine will be at the sale with her magical compost tea. If you have your garden ready for your new plants when you come to the sale, adding the tea will really help the plants take root. As a reward for people keeping up their membership this year, people with current membership cards (remember to bring them) will be able to buy plants starting at 8 am. If you need to start a membership or renew one, then you can do that at 8 am as well.

Prices: Plant prices are $5.00 for small tree pots, $8.00 for gallon pots, and $10 for large tree pots. If you have any of the black plastic pots from last year’s sale we would love to recycle them for you.

Proceeds from the annual native plant sales provide funding for our Mary DeDecker Botanical Grants. The grant program is a fitting way to remember Mary DeDecker’s many contributions to the people and plants of the Eastern Sierra.


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Mammoth Plant Sales

Mammoth Native Plant Sale

Perusing native plants at the Mammoth plant sale

Mammoth usually holds 2-3 smaller sales each summer. Contact Mammoth Plant Sale Coordinator, Sherry Taylor, at and ask to be put on her mailing list for future updates!

CNPS Event July 15, Saturday, 9-11am: First Bristlecone Chapter Native Plant Sale of the season for Mammoth Region

When: Saturday, July 15 9-11 am; Where: 107 Sugar Pine Drive, Mammoth; Bring: A box (or wine carrier) to transport your new plants. All plants are quart-size pots ($5). Proceeds go to the Native Plant Society Bristlecone Chapter. Not as many plants this year because of the big winter...about 180.

Plant List (suitable for high elevation gardens): Sulphur Buckwheat (5), Pennyroyal (3), Angelica (23), Mountain Pride Penstemon 990, Scarlet Penstemon (12), Wallflower (28), Alpine Columbine (26), Scarlet Gilia (15), Delphinium (10), Common Monkeyflower (15), Large-leaved Lupine (10)

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Growing Natives Information:

See our Planting Guide for tips on getting your native garden growing.

Preparing your garden for planting natives (Article in July-August 2013 Bristlecone Chapter Newsletter)

Also check the main CNPS site for information on growing native plants, including the benefits of native plant gardening, getting started, weed and pest management and more.

The CNPS Growing Natives Program

Native Plant Resources

CalScape - helping Californians restore nature and save water one garden at a time. We do this by showing people which plants are really native to any location in the state, helping them figure out which ones they want, and where to buy them and how to grow them.

New! Native Plant Landscaping guide for the Bristlecone Chapter / Eastern Sierra (pdf)


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