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DWP Becomes the Technical Group

The importance of protecting remaining springs was noted in the LTWA, the EIR to the LTWA, public comments on the draft EIR to the LTWA, as well as the Green Book. In short, springs are to be protected by a requirement that Groundwater pumping from existing and new wells will be managed to avoid reductions in spring flows that would cause significant decreases or changes in spring-associated vegetation. (FEIR p. 3-30). In order to make sure appropriate management is practiced, spring flows and vegetation dependent upon such flows will be carefully monitored by the Technical Group. (FEIR p. 3-21). Reinhackle Springs is singled out for attention At Reinhackle Spring groundwater pumping from wells that affect the spring flow will be managed so that flows from the spring will not be significantly reduced compared to flows under prevailing natural conditions. (FEIR 3-22). As of March 2004, the Technical Group has yet to establish a monitoring program for spring flows and vegetation dependent upon such flows.

In its 2002 operations plan, DWP included plans to pump wells #? in the ?? wellfield. Although the wells were in "on status" Inyo County objected on the grounds that vegetation had yet to recover to baseline levels. The wells also had the potential to impact Reinhackle Springs.