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Invasive Species

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Individual Species Information

Bromus tectorum - Cheatgrass:

Dieteria - Invasive "Aster" in Mammoth Lakes




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BLM, Bishop Area Invasive Species (Noxious Weeds)

BLM Weed Identification Handbook

California Invasive Plants Council

Recommendations for the Eastern Sierra Weed Management Area (pdf) From "Prioritizing Regional Response to Invasive Plants in the Sierra Nevada"

Don't Plant a Pest

California Native Plant Society (CNPS - our parent organization)

CNPS Invasive Weeds Information

CNPS Policy on Invasive Weeds/Exotic Plants (pdf)

CNPS policy on the management of Wildland Invasive Plants (pdf)

Eastern Sierra Weed Management Area (Inyo and Mono Counties Agricultural Commissioner's Office) - includes a "Suspect Weed Observation Form" at the bottom of the page.

Some of the serious weedy invaders that occur locally include Perennial pepperweed, Dalmatian toadflax, Halogeton, Russian knapweed, Spotted knapweed, Canada thistle and Scotch thistle. All of these weeds have the potential to spread explosively. Perennial pepperweed has taken over other areas in the Eastern Sierra, such as Reno, NV and Susanville, CA, where there is no longer hope that it can be controlled. Russian knapweed, Spotted thistle, and Canada thistle have taken over many rangeland areas in the western US and destroyed the environment and agricultural usability of the land. Scotch thistle has created dense stands in many parts of northern California that not even cattle can walk through. If invasive weed threats are not taken seriously, these scenarios could be repeated here in Inyo and Mono Counties.

Resources - CNPS, USFS, , NPS, more