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pumping groundwater

Well 380 pumping groundwater into the LA Aqueduct, October 19, 2003

The Los Angeles-Inyo County Water Agreement

"No groundwater has been exported from the valley in about the last 15 years" 1

"Yes, it is true some water pumped from the Owens Valley makes its way into the Los Angeles Aqueduct..."2

"[Gerald] Gewe told the LADWP board he hopes Los Angeles can pump more Owens Valley groundwater in the years ahead."3

1DWP spokesman Chris Plakos as quoted in the Inyo Register, Dec. 4, 2003
2DWP spokesman Gene Coufal as quoted in the Inyo Register, Dec. 23, 2003
3DWP Assistant General Manager Gerald Gewe as quoted in the LA Weekly, April 30-May 6, 2004



Legal and political


Case Studies

The Problems

In ecological terms

In political terms

In Legal terms

What is Being Lost:

Beauty, biodiversity, meadows, and sinks

The Solution: a dream!