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Plant Lists

This page is a work in progress; the Bristlecone Chapter will be posting and adding to our plant lists for local areas, but this will always be a work in progress as new information comes to light. If you have a list to share, send it to us at and also add it to our growing plant database - see information about that project below.

Here are a few lists we've posted so far - these are not by any means definitive lists, and are meant to be starting points to which we encourage you to add species as you find them. If you have additions, corrections, or more complete or more official lists, for these or other locations, please let us know.

Bristlecone CNPS Plant Lists (so far)

We have many more lists, both on paper and in database form, which we are working on making available on the website - these are the first few experiments (in alphabetical order):

Creosote Ring (our southern sub-chapter) Plant Lists

Guides to Creosote Ring's local wildflower hotspots and Mojave shrubs:

Plant Lists from Other Sources

From the Kern CNPS Plant Lists Page:

Note: these are from the late 1990's, so some names may have changed!

Plant List Project: Mary's Notes

One of our chapter members, Michèle Slaton, is working on collecting and creating a Bristlecone Chapter Flora and plant database, starting with Mary DeDecker's own notes and adding from plant lists created by chapter members over the years. We are working on making the database available online, but you can currently contribute and retrieve plant lists from the database by submitting a request. Read more about the project, "Mary's Notes," here. An example of a plant list from the database is the South Fork Big Pine Creek Plant List (pdf).

Wildflower Hotspots of the Eastern Sierra

A beautiful full color booklet with great flower photos, species checklists, and where to find them. Areas listed as hot spots are (from south to north): Fossil Falls, Alabama Hills, Mazourka Canyon, Division and Oak Creeks, White Mountains, Fish Slough, Rock Creek, McGee Creek, Parker Bench, East Mono Basin, Tioga Pass, and the Bodie Hills. Available in glossy format at visitor centers in the area, or download / view it as a pdf here (large file): Wildflower Hotspots of the Eastern Sierra (48 pages - 4.24 MB pdf file). For just the checklists without all the beautiful photos and background information, here is the master checklist (pp 28-43 of the guide only) in a 15 page and 415Kb PDF file: Wildflower Hotspots of the Eastern Sierra - Checklist Only.