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Mary DeDecker Botanical Grant

The Bristlecone Chapter's Mary DeDecker Botanical Grant Program annually awards funding for projects that increase the understanding and appreciation of our region's unique native flora. These grants are supported by the annual native plant sale. Persons funded are required to report on their research findings or how they used the grant money.

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Book List

Recommended Books for anyone visiting the Eastern Sierra area:

General Natural History | Floras | Trees | Conservation | Gardening | Where to Buy

General Natural History

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Plant Guides and Keys

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History and Conservation Issues

Native Plant Gardening

Places to find these and other books locally

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Local Organizations | Nearby CNPS Chapters | Research Facilities | Botanical | Miscellaneous

Local Organizations:

Nearby CNPS Chapters (organized south to north):

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Research Facilities:

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Miscellaneous Regional Organizations and Friends:

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