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Mary DeDecker Botanical Grant Program

In 2001, the Bristlecone Chapter established a grants program as a fitting tribute to Mary DeDecker, a renowned local botanist and founding member of our chapter. Our goal is to facilitate research and projects that increase the understanding and appreciation of native plants and ecosystems in the Eastern Sierra.

Grants are for research and projects that increase the understanding and appreciation of native plants and ecosystems in the Eastern Sierra and are primarily targeted to graduate students, college students, and primary and secondary students (K-12) and their teachers. Research projects need not be academic or scholarly but must be relevant to the native plants of the northern Mojave Desert, Sierra Nevada, and Great Basin portions of eastern California. Projects should be conducted at least in part within Inyo or Mono Counties. Applications from students must include written support from a major advisor or teacher.

Grant recipients receive up to $1,000 each for expenses and are asked to present their results to the Bristlecone Chapter either at a regular meeting or in the chapter newsletter. Recipients must submit a progress report at the end of the year. The request for proposals is sent to universities and schools with the deadline for submissions in January. Applicants will be notified by the end of March.

We have awarded grants to graduate students for research on various ecological, taxonomic and physiological aspects of our native flora. We have also helped to fund an education program on native plants for local schools, a mural project which included native plants, native plant gardens and invasive weed eradication projects.

These grants are supported by the annual native plant sale.

Apply for a Grant

Mary DeDecker Botanical Grant Application (pdf)

Previous Grant Awards

2023 DeDecker Botanical Grant Recipients

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2020 DeDecker Botanical Grant Recipients

The Bristlecone Chapter is very pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s DeDecker Botanical Grant. We had many competitive applications. It is through the success of our annual native plant sale and the generous donations of plant enthusiasts that we are able to support these excellent projects:

Past Recipients

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Projects Previously Funded (2004 or earlier):

Other Grants

The State California Native Plant Society has four different types of Educational Grants available. Proposals are due on September 30. Please see details at There is a new online application system. Non-student researchers may also apply.